A Record of Proven Results


John has fought for lower taxes in Kansas, enabling families to keep more of their own money to save, spend and invest in a growing economy.


John led efforts to defeat irresponsible budget growth, eliminate wasteful spending and increase government efficiency.


State government is the first line of defense against federal overreach. John has fought to protect your second amendment rights, to resist an over-zealous Environmental Protection Agency and to overturn ObamaCare.


John led the charge to extend basic health insurance coverage to children suffering with autism. (Watch John's video on the Video Page) Now the parentsof children with autism can more easily afford the vital medical care their children need. Read more...


John has been the driving force behind increasing the severity and enhancing the penalties for drunk drivers, strengthening Kansas criminal laws for the worst of the worst, eliminating the statute of limitations for rape in Kansas and promoting governmental accountability and transparency.


John authored a bill calling for the public release of probable cause affidavits supporting search and arrest warrants in Kansas. He was recently awarded the 2014 Friend of Open Government award by the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government. Read more…


Rep. Rubin was a leader in passage of a bill requiring legislative approval of any expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. A House leader in passage of the Health Care Freedom Act.


John voted for a bill that increased public school funding by $129 million and allowed more local control for Johnson County school districts. Read more…


The statute of limitations on the prosecution of rape cases was abolished. Read more…


Endorsements, Awards

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Endorsed by Kansans for Life PAC



Kansas chamber logoThe Kansas Chamber's Political Action Committee. Endorsed as a pro-business legislator.

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Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government


NFIB logoThe Kansas chapter of the NFIB endored John as a champion of small business with a 100 percent voting record.

MADD logoMothers against Drunk Driving gave John the 2013 Legislative Champrion award

AFP logo2014 Taxpayer Champion Award from the Kansas Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. Lawmakers were scored on votes taken on spending, tax reform, Medicaid, education policy and energy mandates.

Kansas State Rifle Association_2013 Kansas Legislator of the Year,

Ranked in the top 10% of legislators in the Kansas Policy Institute’s Kansas Freedom Index.

Endorsed by the National Rifle Association with an “A” rating

Rally for lower taxes set for Oct. 1

A campaign rally in support of lower taxes, free markets and individual liberty will be held Oct. 1 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Freedom Bank Guest Plaza, 6640 W. 143rd St., Overland Park. It is hosted by House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey and is a meet and greet for 14 candidates, includng Vickrey. Campaign contributions will be accepted. Rep. Rubin plans to attend. Click on THIS LINK if you plan to attend.

Video: John Receives Open Government Award

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In order to serve in the Kansas Legislature, Rep. Rubin must stand for election every two years and that takes financial contributions from his supporters.

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The Case Against Raising Johnson County Taxes

Several Johnson County state legislators issued a press release to express sharp disagreement with the claims made by Johnson County Manager Hannes Zacharias of a need for an increase in property taxes to “to offset the loss in revenue from the first year phase out of the mortgage registration fee by the state. Read more...

Bill to Streamline Death Penalty Appeals Following Carr Decision

TOPEKA | In light of the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision last Friday in the Carr brothers’ death-penalty cases, four legislative leaders have announced their intention to reintroduce a bill to streamline appeals of death penalty cases. Senators Jeff King and Greg Smith and Representatives John Rubin and Jan Pauls will pre-file this bill prior to the next legislative session.